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What is ChalkPay?
ChalkPay is an offering of Hyperwallet, just for Chalk Couture™. It’s a user-friendly payment platform and global settlement network used by thousands of direct sellers around the world to pay commissions and more. It’s a best-in-class payment system that allows Chalk Couture to easily distribute funds across countries and in different currencies and give many options for using and directing those funds. Even better, it’s easy to use.

Do I need to activate a ChalkPay account?
Yes! If you anticipate receiving commissions from Chalk Couture, you’ll need to activate your ChalkPay account. This is how you will receive your commissions. You’ll receive a welcome email once your account has been created on the ChalkPay portal. Please follow the steps in the email to verify your identity and activate your account.

How do I activate my ChalkPay account?
When you sign up as a Chalk Couture Designer, your account with ChalkPay will be created automatically. Upon creation of your account, you will receive an email to go into ChalkPay and activate your account. If you lose this email, you may still access your ChalkPay portal from the “ChalkPay” tab in your Designer Office. (Click on the person icon in the top right corner, then go to “settings”.)

While in your ChalkPay portal, you will be asked a few questions to verify your identity and activate your account. You will not be required to upload any documents. From there, you will create your account password and set up your profile. This is where you will indicate if you want your own Chalk Couture–branded Visa® prepaid card (more about that later), and add in your own bank accounts.*

*Please note that you must fill out your banking information correctly the first time or it could result in a $10 penalty fee.

What happens if I receive commissions but do not have a ChalkPay account set up yet?
If you receive commissions but haven’t activated your ChalkPay account yet, no worries! Just go into your Designer Office, click on the person icon in the top right corner. A “ChalkPay” tab can be found on the left side of the screen. By selecting this section of your account you can view your available funds, and you will be taken to your ChalkPay portal where you can activate your account.

How do I access the ChalkPay portal?
Click the “ChalkPay” tab in your Designer Office to access the ChalkPay portal. See navigation instructions in the previous question. After you’ve set up your account and have a login, you can also access the site directly from chalkpay.hyperwallet.com. 

What are the benefits to using ChalkPay?
Using ChalkPay offers Designers the following:

  • Improved visibility and accessibility with the ChalkPay online account portal.
  • Greater access to your funds, including several no-cost transfer options and recurring transfer capability. You can choose to transfer your funds to a bank account, keep them in ChalkPay and use it to pay for Designer orders, or use your ChalkPay Visa prepaid card (available separately) for purchases at many vendors and stores that accept Visa debit cards.
  • Ability to build Teams across country borders. ChalkPay settles your commission in a variety of different currencies (always paying you in YOUR currency, no matter where the sale has taken place), so you can easily see and reconcile funds coming from transactions in different markets.

What is the timing of my commission payments?
Your commission will be paid on the 15th of the month AFTER the month in which the sale took place. For example, if you earn commission from your sales in February, they will be paid into your ChalkPay account on March 15th. Your commission payments will be allocated to your ChalkPay account.

Where will my commission be deposited?
Your commissions will be deposited in your personal ChalkPay account. From there, you can transfer your money anytime, as often as you’d like, for FREE! You can transfer to your bank account, Chalk Couture ChalkPay Visa prepaid card, PayPal account, or many other transfer options (consult your ChalkPay portal for details and any fees that may apply).

Additionally, if you elect to use a ChalkPay card, it is a Visa prepaid card (not a credit card) and it will NOT have funds available unless you have transferred funds to it. Transferring to your prepaid card is ALWAYS free, easy, and instant.

How will I be notified of commission payments?
You will receive an email that states you just got paid. Deposits and commissions are displayed with a date stamp in the “History” tab of your ChalkPay portal. The “Commissions” tab in your Designer Office will still show all of your commissions and commission history, but you will manage your funds through your ChalkPay portal.

How quickly will I have access to my commissions?
You can transfer your money from ChalkPay when you receive notice of payment. For example, you can transfer money to your ChalkPay Visa prepaid card and use it immediately. If you choose to transfer funds to your bank account, typical ACH timing/deadlines apply and vary between financial institutions.

Will there be a hold for larger commissions?
ChalkPay does not place a hold on larger commissions amounts in your ChalkPay account. However, if you transfer funds to your financial institution, it may place a hold on large deposits transferred from ChalkPay. Contact your financial institution for more information.

ChalkPay Visa Prepaid Card

What are the benefits to the ChalkPay Visa prepaid card?

  • Load your card instantly using your available funds.
  • Shop at any merchant bearing the Visa logo in store, online, or by phone (except for online gambling merchants). Please note that some merchants may have a policy to not accept prepaid cards; this is a merchant-specific policy.
  • Withdraw cash at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide (ATM fees may apply).
  • View your card balance and statement online or from your mobile phone (using the ChalkPay app).
  • Start amazing conversations about Chalk Couture and your Designership when you use the Chalk Couture™-branded card everywhere you go!

How do I get the ChalkPay Visa prepaid card?
You will see a “Request Card” icon on your ChalkPay portal. Click on this icon, ensure your profile information is complete and accurate, and submit your request. Depending on your location, it takes 7 to 10 business days to receive your card. Once you receive your card, you will need to activate it online at chalkpay.hyperwallet.com by clicking on the “Activate Card” link and following the on-screen instructions.

How can I contact Hyperwallet if I have issues or questions?
Hyperwallet can be reached by phone in the US and Canada toll free: 1.877.546.8220 or by email to support@mail.hyperwallet.com

How do I move funds to my ChalkPay Visa prepaid card?
Once you receive your ChalkPay Visa prepaid card and have activated your card through your ChalkPay portal, you can transfer funds from your ChalkPay balance to your prepaid card. To do so, on the home screen of your account, click on “Transfer Funds”. You can then select your card from the drop-down menu (identify it by the last four digits, for example, **0151). Enter the amount you would like to transfer, a note if you would like to add one, and click Continue. Funds that are transferred this way are available to use on your card immediately. 

You can also enable automatic transfers from the Transfer tab in your ChalkPay portal.

Can this be the card on file to pay for my monthly Designer subscription?
Yes, you can use your ChalkPay Visa prepaid card as the default “card on file” for your Designer subscription as long as the amount on your prepaid card covers your subscription cost each month.

Can I split purchases between the ChalkPay Visa prepaid card and a personal debit card?
There is currently no ability to split funds between multiple cards, regardless of whether you transfer to your ChalkPay Visa prepaid card or a personal debit card.

ChalkPay Portal

How do I access my ChalkPay portal?
Access ChalkPay through the tab in your Designer Office. After logging in to Designer Office, click your name in the top right corner, then navigate to “Settings”. You’ll see a “ChalkPay” tab on the far left side.You can also access it from chalkpay.hyperwallet.com once you have activated your account. Your ChalkPay portal is a separate website from your Designer Office. Your Designer Office tracks your commissions, but your ChalkPay portal, administered by Hyperwallet, is where you manage your commissions.

How long will it take to activate my account?
Often the process is completed on your end in just a few minutes; however, it may take up to two business days for ChalkPay to verify your information and set up your account. If any further information or supporting documentation is required from you, you will receive an email requesting the additional information, and the process may take longer. If you have any questions about the setup process, you are able to contact Hyperwallet support directly.

Can I transfer funds from my ChalkPay account to another account?
Yes, you can transfer funds from your ChalkPay account to your ChalkPay Visa prepaid card, your PayPal account, or your bank account by visiting your ChalkPay portal. Transferring funds to your Visa prepaid card or PayPal account is instant, while it may take a day or two for funds to show up in your personal bank account.

Can I set up automatic transfers?
Yes, you can set up an automatic transfer so that your funds always go into your bank account, PayPal account, or right onto your ChalkPay Visa prepaid card, but remember if you transfer to your bank account, it may take a few extra days to access your funds.

Do I pay a fee for transferring funds?
You do not pay a fee to transfer funds from your ChalkPay account to your Visa prepaid card, PayPal account, or external bank account.

Can I have a check issued instead?
Yes. Printing a physical check is one of the options in the ChalkPay portal. The fee is $3 USD (only available in the US).

What is the spendback option?
Spendback allows you to purchase inventory or make a personal order with your ChalkPay balance. This means that when you place an order in your Designer office, you can opt to pay with your ChalkPay balance and will not need to enter a credit card. If your ChalkPay funds do not cover the entire cost of the order, you can select an additional card at checkout for the remaining balance. 

Are additional fees associated with ChalkPay?
ChalkPay has no fees unless your account is inactive, with funds remaining in your account. If it is inactive with a balance for three consecutive months, you will be charged a $5 monthly inactivity fee until your ChalkPay account becomes active again.

Am I required to have my commissions paid through ChalkPay?
Yes. But you can always opt to have your funds transferred from your ChalkPay account to your primary banking account, have them paid out via check, or use them to purchase products in your Designer Office.

Can funds be added to my ChalkPay account outside of Chalk Couture?
No. Funds can only be transferred out of ChalkPay. Personal money cannot be added to your ChalkPay account or ChalkPay Visa prepaid card.


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