FAQ - Designer Office

How do I sign in to my Designer Office?
Go to www.chalkcouture.com. Log in by clicking the lock icon next to the shopping cart in the top right-hand corner then entering your email and password.

Where do I go to place an order?
There are three ways to shop: Shop the Lookbook, Shop By Category, or Bulk Shopping. The “Lookbook” and “Categories” tabs are located at the top of the page when you log in on a desktop device or in the menu on a mobile device. To view Bulk Shopping, go to the “Designer Office” tab, then “Bulk Shopping” on the right-hand side of that menu.

NOTE: Orders placed in the Designer Office must ship to the Designer’s address only. Please contact our Advisory team with any questions regarding this policy.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?
Unfortunately, your order cannot be canceled once placed. For more information on returns, see the Shipping FAQ.

Where can I see orders placed via my website?
You will receive an email notification when a customer or Perks Member places an order through your Chalk Site. The email notification includes the customer’s name and email. To look up additional information about the order, go to your Designer Office, simply hover over the “Designer Office” tab and then click “Customer Orders.” This is helpful if you’d like to send a thank you card and need the customer’s address, or if you get a new customer and want to include them in future customer emails or on social groups and posts.

What orders can I see when in the Designer Office?
You can see your orders (placed through your Designer Office) and customer orders (placed through your Chalk Site). Under the “Orders” section on the “Designer Office” tab, click “Personal Orders” to see what orders you have placed; click on “Customer Orders” to see what orders customers and Perks Members have placed.

What internet browser should I be using?
The site is optimized for the current version of Google Chrome. If you choose to use a different or older browser, you may experience performance issues.

How do I activate my ChalkPay account?
When you sign up as a Designer, your account with ChalkPay is created automatically. Activate your account by visiting the “ChalkPay” tab on your “My Account” page in Designer Office. More information can also be found in the ChalkPay FAQ.

My website is not displaying all of the features in the Designer Office. What should I do?
Turn the device to landscape mode or click on the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen).

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