FAQ - Designer Locator

What is the Designer locator?
The Designer locator helps customers and those shopping online to find a Designer, and it supports your Designership by funneling leads directly to you.

How does the Designer locator benefit me?
It’s a service that makes you more visible to potential customers and directs them right to your personal Chalk Site.

How does the Designer locator work?
When online customers search by their zip code, the locator will return 10 Designers within the closest proximity. When customers search by name, they’re required to enter at least three letters; the system will search by first name, last name, Chalk Site name, and then business name. The search will then return 10 Designers.

How does a customer use the Designer locator?
Customers can find the Designer locator on chalkcouture.com by clicking on the “Select A Designer” button, or change the Designer by clicking on the Designer’s name in the top right corner and then clicking on “Change Designer” in the pop-up box.

Customers can search by several criteria including by zip code or Designer’s first or last name. The site automatically searches in the following order: first name and last name exact match and/or zip code, first name contains and last name contains, first name exact match, first name contains, last name exact match, last name contains.

For best results when searching by name, customers should use the Designer’s full first or last name. The more letters a customer provides, the more accurate search results will be. The search does not depend on the location of either customer or Designer, unless the search is by zip code, which will be searched within 100 miles of the searched zip code. The search only matches the letters inputted in the search field.

Why are search results limited?
The locator is a tool for customers to use if they don’t already know of a Designer; results are tailored to quickly connect customers to Designers, while keeping the search results manageable and simple for the user. It is a funnel to help direct customers who may have heard about you—or Chalk Couture™ in general—to your Chalk Site.

Design. Love. Repeat.™

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