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Charitable Partner Program 
Chalk Couture™ is excited to partner with Watts of Love®, a 503(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing light—literally—to the parts of the world that need it most.

What is Watts of Love?
Watts of Love (WOL) delivers solar lights plus micro-business and resource training to areas of the world that face extreme poverty. In these areas, most homes are lit by dangerous kerosene lamps that often cause burns, asthma, or other breathing ailments. More than 1 billion people presently live without electricity, so when the sun goes down, the work day and study day end.

Through its innovative, affordable, renewable solar lighting, WOL is able to turn dark to light— eliminating the need for kerosene fuel, which can increase a family’s income by 30%. WOL teaches light recipients how to use that reclaimed income to invest in new resources, such as buying an animal, starting a business, or sending their children to school. All of this breaks a chain of poverty and helps transform lives, one family and one home at a time.

To learn more about this extraordinary organization, visit wattsoflove.org.

Why do we partner with WOL?
Chalk Couture is a powerful army of passionate individuals—we have great ability and the responsibility to do good while we are doing well. Aligning with a charity that shares our values is an important part of our mission to make home a happy masterpiece.

As we look at our company and Designers, the consistent theme we see is that we radiate light and joy in all we do. Our mission statement asserts our goal to “share our light” and our top annual community awards are the “Start the Spark” and “Luminary Leader” awards. When we found WOL—a charity dedicated to literally sharing light with families—we knew we had found the perfect partner.

Having a charitable partner can do a variety of things to strengthen your business:

  • Customers report higher brand loyalty and even a willingness to pay a premium for products that support meaningful causes.
  • Having a shared charity unites our community and improves the retention and spirit of your Teams.
  • Because of our size and strength, even when we make small donations or efforts, they can combine to create a significant impact.
  • Service to our fellow man is perhaps the highest responsibility and privilege of success—together, we can make a difference.

What are we doing to help WOL?
In the 2023–2024 event year, Chalk Couture is striving to donate more than $250,000 USD to Watts of Love. You can help make that possible! Programs to support fundraising efforts include the following:

  • Our special Watts of Love Transfer—We always have an original Transfer designed for WOL. This B-sized Transfer generates a $2 USD donation with each purchase.
  • Item numbers with donation amounts—We’ve generated several item numbers for Designers and customers to “place an order” in a variety of donation denominations. Find these item numbers on your Chalk Site and in your Designer Office. To offer a WOL donation, simply “order” the amount using the corresponding item number ($1 to $50 USD increments with no sales tax, and no PV).
  • The “round-up” contribution option—You and your customers can choose to round up your order total to the nearest dollar and the donation goes straight to Watts of Love! These donations are NOT taxable and are added after tax to round up to the next dollar (so they will all be $.01 to $.99); the customer or Designer just needs to check the box at checkout. Those few extra cents per order round-up can really add up for WOL.
  • Lightmaker program—Designers who fundraise/achieve donations to purchase five WOL lights (5 @ $50 USD = $250 USD) during the event year are considered “Lightmakers.” They receive a FREE, exclusive WOL Transfer pack with two exclusive Transfers and ribbon recognition at ChalkCon.
  • Chalkathon—Daylong chalkathons and virtual parties on social media (or in live events, too!) consist of live demonstrations and giveaways (art and product) throughout the day. We encourage all Designers to go live and join the fundraising effort!

Donations made at events/auctions or through product purchases do not have donor information transferred to WOL. Also, please note that at any Chalk Couture-sponsored event or auction, any single Designer can “win” a maximum of 10% of the items available for auction.

What are the details of the Lightmaker program?
A Lightmaker is a Designer who fundraises/achieves donations to purchase five WOL lights (5 @ $50 USD = $250 USD) during the event year (June 1 to May 31). Along with the warm feeling of doing something genuinely worthwhile, Lightmakers receive a FREE, exclusive WOL Transfer pack with two exclusive Transfers. Lightmakers will also receive ribbon recognition at ChalkCon.

Exclusive Transfers are shipped free. These unique designs are fun, functional, and not available for purchase—only earned by our amazing Designers devoted to Watts of Love!

What are the details for Chalkathon?

We’re creating a wave of awareness to unite our Designers and customers for a Watts of Love daylong social media event. Save the date for May 18, 2024, details will be shared as the event gets closer.

What more can I do to help?
You can always choose your own way to generate donations. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Offer the WOL Transfer(s) to everyone for purchase. It’s darling, on trend, and generates a $2 USD donation with every purchase. The Transfer generates PV, less the donation amount, as we cannot pay commission on a charitable donation.
  • Tell your Team members and customers about WOL. Visit the charity’s website to learn more about the work they do and get excited about sharing our partnership. As Chalk Couture offers new collateral, images, and social media assets, update your profile, share info socially, and help educate others on the work we’re doing together.
  • Set a Team goal to raise funds for a target number of solar lights. At just $50 USD per light, getting involved is something everyone can do! Want to raise funds for two lights, five lights, or more in the coming year? Set a goal and track your progress. You may even offer incentives and recognition for Team members raising the most in donations.

As our partnership develops, Chalk Couture offers more programs, collateral, and incentives to Designers to support Watts of Love. We’ll notify you when new flyers, social ads, images, and other support pieces become available.

What is a Game Changer?
Any Designer who donates $5,000 USD to Watts of Love through their Chalk Site during the event year is recognized for their efforts with the title of Game Changer. Each year, Watts of Love gifts a unique blue jacket to Designers who go above and beyond in making a difference as Game Changers.

How can my customers donate?

  • Direct them to item numbers to “place an order” donation.
  • Ask them if they’d like to round up their total to the nearest dollar and donate that little bit.
  • Show them Watts of Love Transfers that generate a $2 USD donation with every purchase.

Important Donation Details
Monetary donations made through your Chalk Site or Designer Office have full information capture and may be eligible for a receipt from WOL upon request. When you or your customers donate using the Watts of Love item numbers, you will see an item on your receipt noted as “Watts of Love donation.”

When you or your customers donate to WOL through a product order, event donation, or auction, these donations are NOT eligible for a charitable receipt from WOL.

Chalk Couture passes donor information to Watts of Love for reporting/tracking purposes, and all Chalk Couture donations are provided for the express purpose of providing solar lights and related training internationally. All donations made to WOL via Chalk Couture are passed to the charity other than any applicable credit card processing fees.

Only donations placed via Chalk Couture-approved methods will “count” toward the Chalk Couture goal with Watts of Love; please do not mail donations or make online donations directly to WOL.

Join WOL on an International Impact Trip 
Chalk Couture offers an annual incentive for Designers to “earn” a spot in an upcoming impact trip with Watts of Love. Details on qualifying may vary year to year.

For the 2023 calendar year, Designers with a minimum of $2,000 USD in funds donated through Chalk Couture-approved channels, and who desire to be included, will be entered in a random drawing for four spots on the impact trip. The duration and location of the impact trip are not finalized, but it is anticipated to take place around April 17–28, 2024.

Earners must have a passport, availability to travel for up to 15 days internationally, and be free from health concerns that might limit activity, international travel to less-developed areas (where hygiene and access to full services may be limited). The service trip will involve teaching local families how to use solar lighting in place of kerosene lanterns and batteries, working with them on the basics of micro businesses and self-sufficiency, and bringing improved hygiene and life management skills to their community. Dates, location, and winners of the annual impact trip are announced at the annual Leadership event.

Eligible Designers will receive paid airfare, accommodations, ground transportation in the country, and meals during the trip. Additional costs such as gear, luggage, vaccinations, passport/visa or other documentation fees, and souvenirs or other items of a personal nature are borne by the traveling Designer.

Designers who earn or are selected to participate in future WOL impact trips with Chalk Couture, or those raising money for the purpose of impact trip involvement, must abide by the following guidelines:

    Designers must have remitted their donations through approved Chalk Couture methods (not to WOL directly, including the WOL personal website).
    Designers may not attend back-to-back impact trips (regardless of qualification or donation totals, a Designer may not earn or attend an impact trip in consecutive years/trips). This broadens the opportunity to more Designers to experience WOL and act as ambassadors.
    Non-selected Designers may not “pay their own way or donate independently” to participate in a WOL impact trip that Chalk Couture represents.

To clarify: If Sally Designer is not a “qualifying” Designer for the 2024 impact trip, she may not raise her own funds to participate in that trip on her own, but is free to participate in earning any other Watts of Love impact trips if she chooses to do so.

    Designers raising funds for their own non-Chalk Couture sponsored trips with WOL may not use the products/brands of Chalk Couture nor their Chalk Couture business pages/groups to raise funds. (Funds that are not being channeled through approved Chalk Couture collection methods.)
    If a Designer earns/receives participation in an impact trip with Chalk Couture and Watts of Love, it is for one person only. That Designer may bring a non-Designer companion (spouse or partner) at their discretion. None of the companion’s travel, hotel, and ground transportation expenses will be paid by Chalk Couture or WOL, and the individual is responsible to fundraise any WOL-required funds on their own without using Chalk Couture brands, Designership resources, or products.


What is the Watts of Love Weekend?
Every year, founder Nancy Economou and her Watts of Love team members sponsor a special weekend of chalking fun to help us raise donations! The fun weekend getaway is available to all Lightmakers, and awarded based on a drawing system (full details announced at time of ticket purchases, around May). The trip will include a member(s) of the Chalk Couture corporate staff. Days are filled with creativity, camaraderie, and an all-around good time!

What are the details of the 2024 Watts of Love Weekend?
Qualifications, dates, and other details about the 2024 Watts of Love Weekend can be found in the Watts of Love Weekend FAQ.

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